The best quality respect to prices, One of the best things in khtowh that they respect the length of girls T-shirts and Sweatshirts to be long enough. Also the designs and colors are being chosen very well. Till now I have bought 7 things from khtowh some for summer, some for the winter and for two years now, I have never been disappointed in them. They have been my first choice and they will always be inshaaAllah. I am not that person who writes their reviews on Facebook, but I owe it to khtowh to say that I really respect about them for their work and dedication.

--Ghada Hany--

I am in love with the khotwa designs and styles.. Thanks so much, am so happy and I will be back again to your store.

--Lamiaa Mahmoud--

Very good quality and the most important thing why they care about their customers

--Ahmed Dahab--

Thanks a lot.. I got the sweatshirt and the color and fabric are very good... I like that it is long which I do not find anywhere else, especially in sweatshirts... The delivery time is fast too.. Loved it... Thanks again

--Marwa Nawar--

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