About us


Who We Are? 


“A passionate journey requires constant effort, vigilance and reevaluation from time to time.” 


Khotwh has started a journey full of passion and excitement in 2009. The launching started by producing printed T-Shirts with “Arabic Quotes” that expressed the identity and spirit of youth at that time. Success followed, then in a few years, Khotwh managed to become one of the most famous clothing stores in Egypt, that cater to both female and male youths. Moreover, it is classified among the list of the best stores, that pay a great attention to veiled women's clothing needs.


Khotwh was also able to leave a special mark in the world of local fashion, especially for veiled women who want to buy modest clothes. Thanks to Khotwh, designs were guided to match the international fashion trends that adhere to respect the desire for modesty. 

The Arab woman was our source of inspiration in producing clothes of different sizes, with excellent fabrics and materials that are neither revealing nor transparent. 

We also provide a wide range of basics bodywear with different colors and models, for the youth segment of females and males. 


What We Do? 

“Success is nothing more than a passion and a few simple disciplines practiced every day.”


Besides the main business line, Khotwh is a clothing manufacturer for other brands. They also produce uniforms for companies and schools. So, we still have the capacity to accommodate more production up to 500,000 pieces monthly. 


It worth mentioning, at Khotwh we are keen to select professional fashion designers and tailors to ensure high quality, and extreme accuracy in the finishing details that give our final local product the same touches of the famous brands.


As Khotwh is a national company belonging to this beloved country; we see a privilege to work with NGOs and do many charitable activities, for instance producing school uniforms for schools inside/outside Egypt. 


Last but not least, we recently succeeded to deliver our products to Palestine through a distributor.



Our mission is to make a difference in the world of local fashion; by bringing a new perspective to Egyptian fashion, especially the hijab modest outfit that made by Khotwh.


We aspire to deliver our Egyptian superior quality products of basics bodywear and women’s hijab modest wear, to the Middle East, USA and EU countries, through reliable distribution channels and our E-commerce store.